Making Jesus known in Victoria.

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Welcome to Victoria Talks

Wednesdays at 1.05pm in person at Curzon Cinema (Screen 3, 58 Victoria Street)

It’s our hope and prayer that many people, particularly those who work in the Victoria area, will come to know the Lord Jesus through the ministry of the Victoria Talks.

Please come and join us.

Upcoming talks

Wednesday 13th December – Christmas event

Wednesday 20th December – Christmas break starts

Wednesday 10th January – Come back and join us

Why start a lunchtime talk?

Lunchtime talks offer four opportunities. 

1. Stand. Regular talks will offer us an opportunity to publicly identify with the gospel. This allows us to be known publicly as a followers of the Lord Jesus and for questions to be asked of what you heard at the talks.

2. Bring.

Christmas event

Wednesday 13th December

We’d love to invite you and your colleagues to our Christmas event.

To reserve seating or to order a printed poster, please email [email protected]